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Interested in making your brand known in the space. Believe in hiring top talent and in building teams that strongly align with your company’s vison and goals. Want to know about top talent with core strengths and skills that match your company, candidates who are actively looking and have identified your company as a “Dream” company to work for and also candidates who are passively looking and have a strong background for a company like yours?



  • Brand:  Market your Company brand to active and passive talent in your Niche marketplace. 

  • Introduction:  Let us introduce you to candidates we have spoken with who are actively looking that have identified their core strengths and skills, defined their dream job and selected your company as a target company in their ideal niche. 

  • Pipeline: We will send you passive candidates we have spoken with who have a strong background for a company in your niche and are open to speaking with companies like yours about new opportunities.



  • Term: Monthly Subscription

  • Brand Marketing and Candidate Introduction:  Be positioned as a top company in your niche to all Active Candidates Screened by professional recruiters specializing in your niche marketplace.  Also learn about passive talent in your company’s niche marketplace.

  • Fee: Contact Us

  • Payment Terms: Contact Us to discuss options




Interested in hearing about candidates who are open to new opportunities and who have been identified to have a background in line with a company in your niche.



  • Learn about candidates who we have spoken with in your niche who are looking or open to new opportunities.




Get in touch to learn more about how our Executive Recruiting and Career Services.  Whatever it is you need, we’re here for you.


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