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Talent Solutions (for Employers)

Bridging the Gap between Potential and Success:

Growing Companies and Building Teams one person at a time.

Our agency is committed to bringing the brightest talents to your organization. Our expert team leverages cutting-edge technology and robust networks to identify and attract top-tier professionals who can drive your business growth and success. We are dedicated to understanding your unique needs and providing bespoke talent solutions to meet and exceed your expectations.


We are a Niche Recruitment Firm.  We provide professional services to Employers and Top Talent in the AdTech, Digital Media, and Data and Analytics space.  
As your recruitment partner, we strive to streamline and simplify your hiring process. Our experienced recruiters employ comprehensive strategies to source, vet, and place candidates that perfectly align with your corporate culture and job specifications. We are your one-stop solution for end-to-end recruitment services. We have the insights and networks to find the talent that aligns with your business needs.  We act as an extension of your organization, communicating your unique brand story to the marketplace.  Our solutions can be customized to your needs.  We work exclusively with all our client companies, ensuring undivided attention and the highest standard of service.

From C-suite to senior management, we've successfully placed candidates in a myriad of roles across the LUMAscape, including but not limited to: 
Programmatic, Product Development, Data and Analytics, Marketing, Operations, Sales Engineering, Sales, Customer Success, Finance.

Talent Development 

We help individuals and organizations achieve their full potential. Our services are designed to nurture your organization's most valuable resource - its people.  We offer skills assessments and coaching services in the areas of: leadership development, career development, success coaching.  All Talent Development offerings are designed to foster a culture of continuous learning and growth within your organization and tailored to meet your unique needs. We believe in a personalized approach that ensures our clients have the tools they need to succeed.


We understand that organizational change is inevitable, yet callenging.  We know how critical it is to support employees during periods of transition. Our outplacement services are designed to facilitate seamless transitions minimizing both the personal and organizational impact of layoffs or restructuring.  We focus on providing both businesses and outgoing employees with the resources, guidance and support they need to make the transition as smooth as possible and ensure your employees are equipped with the tools they need to secure their next opportunity. 



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